Barney and Valéas

september 8, 2007 § 7 reacties

Today we met Barney and his bosses Yasuko and Tom again! Barney and Valéas played for two hours! I shot a few pictures and a little movie too…
Valéas didn’t roll over too much in the mud this time. Anyway, the mud that he could have gathered was washed off very easily in ‘de Voer’, the little river next to our ‘kot’… He kept on biting after leaves that were floating by and looking for sticks to go and tease Barney with! I hope remembers he needs an ‘ok’ to go playing and swimming.
After one hour, Valéas came back, laid down next to me and didn’t stop licking his paw. He acted really strange but we couldn’t find anything: nothing was bleeding and wherever we pulled or pushed, it was ok for him. Then Yasuko found a reddish spot between his toes… After a phone call to my aunt, the veterinary, we didn’t worry anymore. He showed all the typical symptoms of a bee sting: while playing, he probably ran in to a bee with his foot. A few minutes later he was fine and started playing again with Barney!
Now he slept during the last three hours and I think Barney did the same thing! We had a wonderful time this noon and I hope we’ll meet again soon!

Barney and Valéas

Ps: Barney is a mix. His bosses don’t know which races his parents were… Does anyone of the readers have a clue? The picture makes him look bigger than he actually is. He’s big, but not bigger than a Great Dane. In the movie, you can compare him with Valéas.


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